[a] revolution that does not produce a new space has not realized its full potential; indeed it has failed in that it has not changed life itself...a social transformation, to be truly revolutionary in character, must manifest a creative capacity...
— French Marxist philosopher and sociologist Henri Lefebvre

What We bring to the table

Our Mission

To make visible impact. 

About Us

We explore the everyday disruption of space by ordinary people historically threatened with physical or symbolic displacement. We use visual strategies to (re)claim space(s) for greater civic education, engagement & participation.


We are NOT in the business of solving other people’s problems. People are not projects! Development does NOT equal displacement and those closest to the problem not only SEE the solution but can BE the solution! We don’t need to be the voice of the voiceless, we just need to pass the mic!


Those who are historically threatened with physical or symbolic displacement FREE to dream, discover, & designate their own creative spaces.

Where we stand

We stand at the intersection of design, technology and community driven placemaking.

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