International Week Conference @ Teachers College, Columbia University

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  • Nov. 2016 We launched prototype #1B:

  • Artifact: Sweatshirt & logo; chalk board.
  • Model: Power Hour Study Pop-Up
  • Location: Teachers College, Columbia       
  • Goal:  Present on #Wearewelcomehere and visual culture of social movements. 
  • Results: Salient discussion on the visual culture of gender & race in contemporary social justice movements. We created our own logos that represent us.
  • Summary: #Wearewelcomehere presents on Social action research on the Visual Culture of Social Movements: Presentation at 2016 International Education Week Conference co-sponsored by the Institute of Urban & Minority Education. Teachers College, ColumbiaUniversity. We Googled images from the #Blacklivesmatter movement & #NiUnaMenos to compare & explore visual techniques and strategies in movement building.
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