Prototype #1: #Wearewelcomehere Launch

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Prototype #1:

Oct. 2016 We launched our first prototype:

  • Artifact: Sweatshirt & logo
  • Model: Spreadspirit "you belong here" Crowdsource model.                              
  • Goal:  Sell 20 "Original Sweatshirts" in 20 days & to post up in locations on campus students felt disconnected from.              
  • Results: Sold in 14 Days. 
  • Summary: #Wearewelcomehere began as a visual assertion & claim to spatial justice on campus. In classrooms, residence & community town halls, students voiced feeling unwelcome on campus and attributed these feelings issues related to  Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality & Ability.  Despite the fact that Universities and Colleges have never been more“diverse” some students lack a sense of belonging primarily among first-generation (working-class) & non-white graduate students. So we began to take up space & (re) claim space by wearing our signature visual calling card: The "Original" #Wearewelcomehere sweatshirt, our first placemaking prototype. We decided to (re)claim our place at the college using visual imagery and strategic placemaking. Libraries were crucial to our organizing because all Columbia students have access to them. Our aim was to leverage creativity to generate the social capital necessary to initiate a conversation around student's role in shaping the campus.
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