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#BYOChair: Spatial Disruption for Justice

Exploring the everyday disruption of spatial in-justice, this multi-modal art exhibit held at Teachers College, Columbia University responds to spatial in-justice by disrupting the gallery space at an elite college.  The exhibit, running from April 10th- April 27th, reveals the struggle of one Black American man that was hidden from view because of the blatant denial of his experience due to the “optics of diversity” that perpetually ignore or refuse to acknowledge the historicism of socio-economic adversity & inequality. Eurocentric canons and spatial privilege tend to over-determine the norms of creative spaces. The chair has come to symbolically represent power & status or the lack thereof. From the Lunch Counter Sit-ins in the American South to the grape boycotts in the West, a series of photographs strategically placed depict scenes of Black and Latino activists who used their seats to transform the proverbial table.

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